1: Enjoy a leisurely brunch with these 10-minute Mediterranean-inspired dishes for the whole family.

2: Savor a colorful Greek yogurt parfait with fresh fruits and honey for a healthy start to the weekend.

3: Whip up a quick omelette filled with spinach, feta cheese, and tomatoes for a savory brunch option.

4: Indulge in a refreshing avocado toast topped with cherry tomatoes, basil, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze.

5: Prepare a simple fruit salad with Mediterranean flavors like oranges, pomegranate seeds, and mint leaves.

6: Treat your loved ones to a platter of assorted olives, cheeses, and crackers for a Mediterranean-style brunch.

7: Bake a batch of flaky spanakopita triangles filled with spinach and feta for a savory brunch treat.

8: Toast some whole grain bread and top it with hummus, roasted red peppers, and a sprinkle of za'atar.

9: Mix up a pitcher of homemade lemonade with fresh mint leaves and serve with a side of Greek pastries for a delightful brunch spread.