1: Elevate your roasted potatoes with garlic and parmesan for a savory twist.

2: Try a tangy herb and citrus blend for a refreshing take on this classic side dish.

3: Add a kick of spice with cayenne pepper and paprika for a bold flavor profile.

4: Elevate your roasted potatoes with rosemary and balsamic vinegar for a sophisticated touch.

5: Try a smoky chipotle and lime combination for a Southwestern-inspired twist on this dish.

6: Add a touch of sweetness with honey and cinnamon for a delightful flavor contrast.

7: Elevate your roasted potatoes with fresh herbs like parsley and chives for a burst of freshness.

8: Try a creamy garlic and cheese blend for a decadent upgrade to this classic side.

9: Add a Mediterranean flair with olives and feta cheese for a unique and delicious twist.