1: "Boost productivity with these quick Mediterranean-inspired office snacks."

2: "Hummus and veggies make a satisfying and nutrient-packed snack."

3: "Olives and feta cheese offer a salty and satisfying crunch at your desk."

4: "Enjoy a handful of mixed nuts for a protein-packed office pick-me-up."

5: "Satisfy your sweet tooth with dried fruits and a drizzle of honey."

6: "Whole grain crackers topped with avocado and cherry tomatoes make a delicious snack."

7: "Greek yogurt with a sprinkle of granola is a tasty and filling option."

8: "Tuna salad lettuce wraps are a low-carb and protein-rich choice for a quick bite."

9: "Stay energized with a slice of whole grain toast topped with almond butter."