1: Under-eye concealer that is too light can highlight wrinkles and fine lines, giving the illusion of age.

2: Heavy foundation settles into creases, emphasizing texture and adding years to your appearance.

3: Overplucked brows can make you look older by creating a harsh, unnatural look.

4: Not wearing sunscreen daily can lead to premature aging and visible sun damage.

5: Using matte lipsticks can accentuate dryness and settle into lip lines, making you appear older.

6: Skipping regular exfoliation can lead to dull, rough skin that ages you prematurely.

7: Neglecting your neck and chest can result in sagging skin and deep wrinkles, adding years to your look.

8: Applying too much blush or bronzer can make your skin appear dull and tired.

9: Avoiding regular moisturization can lead to dry, dehydrated skin that emphasizes fine lines and wrinkles.