1: Welcome to your guide on attracting hummingbirds to your garden. Follow these genius tips for a magical experience.

2: Plant a variety of colorful flowers that hummingbirds love, such as trumpet vine and bee balm.

3: Hang multiple hummingbird feeders with a sugar-water mixture to provide a constant food source.

4: Create a water feature like a fountain or birdbath to attract hummingbirds for drinking and bathing.

5: Install perches and feeders at different heights to accommodate the flying patterns of hummingbirds.

6: Avoid using pesticides in your garden to keep the environment safe and attract more hummingbirds.

7: Place decoys or mirrors in your garden to attract curious hummingbirds looking for other birds.

8: Provide nesting materials like cotton and spider silk to encourage hummingbirds to build nests in your garden.

9: Enjoy the beauty and grace of hummingbirds in your garden by following these genius tips and tricks.