1: Kevin Costner, famous actor, took five of his seven children to Cannes in a rare appearance.

2: Fans were thrilled to see Kevin Costner with his children at the prestigious Cannes event.

3: The actor rarely brings his children to public events, making this appearance special.

4: Costner's family outing at Cannes garnered attention from media and fans alike.

5: Witnessing Kevin Costner with his children in Cannes was a delightful sight for many.

6: The actor's love for family was showcased during his Cannes appearance.

7: Costner and his children stole the show at Cannes, capturing the hearts of many.

8: The public was excited to witness Kevin Costner's family bond at Cannes.

9: Kevin Costner's rare appearance with his children at Cannes made headlines worldwide.