1: Introduction Learn how to transform refreshing lemonade into mouth-watering ice cream rolls with Sprite. Let's get rolling!

2: Ingredients Gather lemonade, Sprite, cream, and ice. Blend together for a zesty twist on traditional ice cream.

3: Prepare Lemonade Mix lemonade with Sprite for a bubbly kick. Pour into a flat pan and freeze until solid.

4: Roll it Up Once frozen, roll the lemonade mixture into delicate ice cream rolls. Your taste buds will thank you!

5: Customize Add toppings like fresh fruit or sprinkles to personalize your Sprite ice cream rolls. Get creative!

6: Serve and Enjoy Serve your homemade lemonade ice cream rolls with a side of chilled Sprite. Perfect for any occasion.

7: Share with Friends Impress your friends with this unique treat. They'll be asking for your secret recipe.

8: Tips and Tricks Experiment with different flavors and textures to create your own signature Sprite ice cream rolls.

9: Get Rolling! Now that you know how to make Sprite ice cream rolls, it's time to get rolling in the kitchen. Enjoy!