1: Tom Selleck and CBS bid farewell to Blue Bloods after Season 14, leaving a lasting legacy for fans to cherish.

2: The beloved police drama has captivated audiences for years with its compelling characters and engaging storylines.

3: Tom Selleck's portrayal of Frank Reagan will always be remembered as one of TV's iconic characters.

4: CBS expressed gratitude for the show's success and the talented cast and crew that brought it to life.

5: Fans can still enjoy the timeless episodes of Blue Bloods and relive their favorite moments with the Reagan family.

6: The legacy of Blue Bloods will continue to resonate with viewers long after its final season.

7: Tom Selleck and CBS have left a lasting impact on the world of television with the conclusion of Blue Bloods.

8: As we say goodbye to Blue Bloods, we look forward to the future projects and endeavors of its talented cast and crew.

9: The legacy of Blue Bloods will always hold a special place in the hearts of fans, honoring its unforgettable conclusion in Season 14.