1: Title: Improve Your Running and Relieve Lower Back Pain Content: Discover five exercises that enhance running performance and alleviate lower back discomfort.

2: Title: Planks Content: Strengthen your core muscles with planks to support proper running form and reduce lower back strain.

3: Title: Glute Bridges Content: Build strong glutes with bridges to stabilize your hips and prevent back pain while running.

4: Title: Lunges Content: Enhance your leg strength and balance with lunges, ensuring better running mechanics and reduced lower back tightness.

5: Title: Deadlifts Content: Incorporate deadlifts into your routine to target your hamstrings and lower back, improving running performance and minimizing pain.

6: Title: Hip Flexor Stretches Content: Loosen tight hip flexors with stretches to enhance your range of motion and alleviate lower back discomfort during running.

7: Title: Foam Rolling Content: Use a foam roller to release tension in your muscles, promoting better flexibility and reducing lower back pain while running.

8: Title: Yoga for Runners Content: Practice yoga poses designed for runners to improve flexibility, strength, and posture, easing lower back strain.

9: Title: Conclusion Content: Incorporate these exercises into your routine for a stronger and pain-free running experience. Your lower back will thank you!