1: Tony and Ziva reunite in NCIS Universe as Europe spinoff expands. Michael Weatherly hints at surprises in new series.

2: Fans rejoice as Tony and Ziva return to NCIS Universe. Europe spinoff promises to bring exciting new twists.

3: Michael Weatherly teases surprises in Tony and Ziva's reunion. NCIS expands with Europe spinoff, setting the stage for more drama.

4: Tony and Ziva's return to NCIS Universe sparks excitement. Michael Weatherly hints at unexpected twists in Europe spinoff.

5: Europe spinoff expands NCIS Universe, bringing Tony and Ziva back. Michael Weatherly promises surprises in new series.

6: Fans eagerly anticipate Tony and Ziva's return in NCIS Universe. Europe spinoff promises to shake things up in Michael Weatherly's world.

7: Tony and Ziva's reunion in NCIS Universe leads to Europe spinoff. Michael Weatherly teases surprises and unexpected turns in new series.

8: NCIS Universe expands with Europe spinoff, featuring Tony and Ziva. Michael Weatherly hints at thrilling surprises to come.

9: Michael Weatherly teases surprises as Tony and Ziva return in NCIS Universe. Europe spinoff expands the world of NCIS with new drama.