1: Succulents Grow a variety of succulents from cuttings in water for easy propagation.

2: Pothos Brighten up your space with fast-growing pothos plants that thrive in water.

3: Spider Plant Create cascading greenery with spider plant cuttings that root easily in water.

4: Begonias Add color and texture to your home with begonias propagated in water.

5: Coleus Enjoy vibrant foliage year-round by growing coleus cuttings in water.

6: Jade Plant Grow a beautiful jade plant from cuttings placed in water.

7: Monstera Create a lush tropical vibe with monstera cuttings rooted in water.

8: African Violets Bring a touch of elegance indoors with African violet cuttings grown in water.

9: Peperomia Discover the unique varieties of peperomia plants that thrive in water propagation.